DeepSpar Disk Imager: Testimonials

“This is a really great product. I love the fact that it maps scanned sectors and “remembers” just where you left off if the process is interrupted. Once you begin working with the Imager it becomes readily apparent just how much thoughtful engineering and planning went into the product’s execution. The parameters are remarkably flexible. The DeepSpar Imager does a better job of imaging and recovers more data than any other product or process in my arsenal.” 

Jon Yaeger
Data Savers, LLC
Atlanta GA, USA

“The guys at DeepSpar know their stuff. The DeepSpar imager is by far the best imaging solution we tried and we tried all the major ones. With the latest updates in 2017, not only to the imager itself, but to the Recovery Environment, DeepSpar leapt even further ahead, making the competition not even an alternative anymore. On top of this, the help and support provided is honest, personal and truly outstanding. We thank the people at DeepSpar for making our days easier and our customers more satisfied."

Staffan Söderlind
Ahlberg Data AB
Stockholm, Sweden

“The DeepSpar Disk Imager has been a great tool for us. It has dramatically improved our recovery success rate in the last year.”

Dan Strizich
Independent Technology Service Inc.
Chatsworth CA, USA

“Since purchasing two DeepSpar units, we have significantly increased our throughput of drives and reduced our turnaround times on many types of failure. We have increased our success rates with certain types of failure including 'scratchy' IBM/Hitachi drives and drives with very large numbers of bad sectors. Also, we have dramatically increased imaging speeds and success rates on drives which have had head assembly replacements… With the increase in capacity of most drives, we would find it difficult to cope with our workload without DeepSpar. It's the best thing to happen since PC3000 and a MUST for any serious Data Recovery company.”

Ciaran Kennedy
Technical Manager
Critical Data Services
Dublin, Ireland

“As an all in one data recovery-cloning tool ABC Data Recovery Ltd cannot recommend this device enough to anyone with data recovery requirements. We have ordered 6 of these devices so far and have immediate plans to increase on this amount, we see Deepspar as the most cost effective way of providing a complete and accurate recovery service to our clients who have drives with degraded media, and as the only solution that we trust following the rebuild of a mechanically failed hard disk drive.”

Andy Butler
Managing Director
ABC Data Recovery Ltd.
Sheffield, UK

“The DeepSpar Disk Imager is the only tool we have that allows us to recover data from those difficult drives that repeatedly and persistently fail and subsequently come alive. The ability to pick up where you left off recovering, rather than restarting at the beginning is a most useful feature.”

Gordon Bulger
Fixsys Inc.
Mississauga ON, Canada

“I've come to rely upon the DeepSpar Disk Imager as the go-to tool in our arsenal. We find that the time it takes to image an entire "bad" drive is often shorter than the time it would take other file system recovery tools to extract far less data from the same drive.”

Stan Stoler
Westwood NJ, USA

“The products you put out are very good. Therefore, when you state that you are releasing a new product I expect the quality of that product to be high.” 

Eddie Wiechman
Vice President
Arlington TX, USA

“Great product! I love the ability of the DeepSpar Disk Imager to address only bad sectors of the drive once and once again in multiple passes until it gets data!”

Erik Grigoriev
Technical Manager
Insight Data Recovery Ottawa
Ottawa ON, Canada

“I've been using the DeepSpar Disk Imager hardware for the past 2 months now and have found it to be the perfect launching pad for my data recovery business. The hardware is easy to setup and even though there are a multitude of options to customize the recovery process, they are intuitive and brandish surprisingly effective results compared to all the software options I was using in the past. If you're thinking about testing the water of the data recovery business then the DeepSpar Disk Imager is a reasonably priced solution for the burgeoning recovery specialist. It's the first tool I use in every recovery attempt.”

Simon Feay
Aceon Data Recovery Services
Vancouver BC, Canada

“Before we added DeepSpar tools, it could take days or weeks to assess and complete a data recovery job. Now that job can be completed, sometimes, in hours.”

Luke Coughey
Vice President & CTO
Recovery Force Inc.
Guelph ON, Canada

“The support from the DeepSpar team has been excellent. They have helped us recover drives that would have been unrecoverable.”

Frank Villarreal
Advance Data Recovery Intl Inc
San Antonio TX, USA

“DeepSpar Disk Imager is extremely fast, and it images drives that imaging software would kill.”

Dave Nago

“We've tried every combination of hardware and commercially available software for imaging drives. The DeepSpar Disk Imager easily tops all other products.”

David Scheufler
Cherry Systems
Marietta GA, USA

“My DeepSpar Disk Imager once again gets all the data from a drive that the BIOS wouldn't even recognize.”

Tim Farren
Farren Technology group
Jacksonville FL, USA

“As Australia’s biggest data recovery company, we have 5 data recovery labs in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. Our company has been in the data recovery industry since 1998. I have never found an easier way to recover data from hard disks with bad sectors and unstable drives after head swaps than the DeepSpar Disk Imager. Every hard drive that we take into our clean room and replace heads/perform internal repairs on gets imaged on a DeepSpar Disk Imager.

As soon as any new data recovery hardware or technology is released, we are always the 1st to buy it and test it out. We own almost every type of hardware imager ever released worldwide and the DeepSpar is our 1st choice if all of our hardware imaging tools are available.

We still use our older DDI3s (they were discontinued in 2010) as well as our newer DDI4 and DDI-SAS units all day, every day. We have over 15 DDIs in our labs with plans to buy more each year. The ability to build a head map, image by selective heads as well as fix ‘slow responding’ problems with WD drives is very helpful. Skipped sectors are filled with ‘<unreadable>’ which we use our custom made software to generate a list of good/bad files to present to our clients.
Currently, our labs use DeepSpar Disk Imagers to recover data from over 1500 hard drives per year. The fact that you only need a low end PC and no Windows license to run this tool provides a massive saving once you buy 10+ of these.

If you don’t already own a DeepSpar Disk Imager, just buy one! No professional data recovery company can do without this awesome tool! I highly recommend this to any data recovery professional.”

Payam Toloo
Payam Data Recovery Pty Ltd

“Having used many other data recovery hardware tools, our lab consistently depends on Deepspar equipment to provide fast and successful data recovery for our clients. Compared to other tools within the same price-point Deepspar provides solutions that ‘just work’. Combined with innovative upgrades like client data review and native USB 3.0 imaging abilities, Deepspar’s toolset are a critical requirement of iCube’s data recovery lab.”

Matthew Kinderwater
Director of IT Services
iCube Development (Calgary) Ltd.
Calgary AB, Canada

“ID-Dr of New York & New Jersey can not recommend DeepSpar disk imagers enough to anyone small or large for any data recovery need. They not only release a quality product, the customer service from their very professional and knowledgeable technical staff is the best I ever dealt with as a vendor. Your ROI will be evident on the first two data recovery jobs you do! The best we ever used! Thank you for all your hard work, so ours is less stressful!”

Joseph E. Pint
Owner/Sr Data Recovery Expert - CDRE
Information Delivery & Data Recovery Services

“Just thought I would thank you again for such a great product. DeepSpar has now recovered a third drive that was unrecoverable with our other hardware devices. I just love it.”

Adrian Road
AJR Data Recovery Services

“A marvelous tool with its ability to image just the wanted files by folders instead of imaging the whole disk. Better chance of successful recovery before the drive fails, greatly reduces the time spent on cases and generates more profits. A must-have tool for any true professional Data Recovery Centre”

Louis Loo
ACCPLUS Technologies Data Recovery Centre