Let Us Tell You Which Cases are Recoverable

Are you an IT service provider interested in offering professional data recovery services?

A large part of the IT service market currently outsources the hard drives received for data recovery to specialized companies. This means loss of revenue and the inability to help customers in-house.

Let’s have a look at what types of cases are received by specialized data recovery companies and which of them can be realistically recovered in-house by IT services. This data is based on a survey we did with our largest clients: 55 specialized data recovery companies in 15 countries.

Approximately 30% of all data recovery cases are caused by file system corruption (data-level problems). These kinds of cases are generally successfully handled by IT services, because the IT industry is usually familiar with software recovery tools and processes.

Roughly 30% of all cases are caused by drive instability issues (disk-level problems), such as occasions where a drive is partially functioning, but media corruption or degradation prevents access to the data on the drive. This includes situations when BIOS doesn’t recognize the drive due to issues with some of the drive’s non-critical subsystems. The cases with drive instability issues are largely being outsourced by IT services, while they could be recovered in-house using professional data recovery disk imaging tools.

The remaining portion, about 40% of the cases are caused by a complete drive failure (drive-level problems), where the drive doesn’t respond at all. For example, it doesn’t spin up or it makes indefinite clicking noises. Even though some of those cases can still be recovered in-house, these are the most difficult jobs to handle because most of them not only require a cleanroom facility and highly specialized tools, but also a high level of expertise that can only be gained by specialized companies who do data recovery as a full-time job .

So, most cases outsourced by IT services fall into two categories: drive-level problems and disk-level problems. Since some drive-level problems and almost all disk-level problems can be solved in-house, why turn all of those customers away? Why keep sending drives away when you can recover them in-house? Stop losing money.

Let us tell you which cases can be solved in-house, how to diagnose them, and the recovery procedure to follow.

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