For smaller DR shops

How DeepSpar Gives You More

Most smaller DR companies are using tools that are only designed to deal with issues related to Phase III of the 3D Data Recovery Phases - that is, Data Retrieval.

This means that these companies have lost revenue when: a) the drive hangs repeatedly during data retrieval; b) the drive fails completely when performing data retrieval; c) it appears that all the data has been recovered - but apparently your client still missing files; d) it takes unacceptable length of time - potentially weeks to retrieve data from a partially damaged drive; and e) when requested, they cannot provide customers with a report guaranteeing the integrity of the files they have recovered.

DeepSpar PDR Solution Solution Components
Drive Restoration DeepSpar Disk Imager (for express diagnostics)
Disk Imaging DeepSpar Disk Imager
Data Retrieval Your current data recovery software
Methodology The PDR Workflow™
Online Forum Yes
Technical Support 3 months of free e-mail support.

Capabilities You Need

  • A methodology that will improve your PDR technicians’ professional ability and ensure they get get maximum data for your customers.
  • Data recovery tools for Phase I and Phase II of the Data Recovery process that will work with your current tools (primarily Phase III software) to provide a complete 3D Data Recovery service.
  • Specifically, tools that address disk-level issues, not just data-level issues.
  • Tools that are affordable and which can be used by data recovery professionals without deep engineering expertise.


  • On average, DeepSpar DR Systems pay themsevles off after only 5-10 successful data recovery jobs.
  • They do this because they are able to (a) take cases that were too complex for them without DeepSpar; and because (b) they can charge higher fees because of increased recovery rates.

Why DeepSpar?

  • DeepSpar is the only company to provide 3D Data Recovery Systems for smaller professional Data Recovery companies.
  • DeepSpar Disk Imager is also perfect for PC shops or IT services who provide occasional data recovery services and want to come one step closer to a professional Data Recovery company.
  • DeepSpar is the manufacturer and distributor of the only dedicated disk imaging device for the data recovery market.
  • DeepSpar is at the leading edge of the most up-to-date procedures for data recovery.
  • DeepSpar 3D Data Recovery techniques and systems are widely used, proven, and data recovery experts swear by them.