For Larger DR Shops

How DeepSpar Gives You More

Medium-to-large data recovery companies have many tools and utilities for Phase III, some tools for Phase II, but very few tools for Phase I of the 3D Data Recovery Process.

This means that when they come across a hard drive with malfunctioning firmware or a need for low-level diagnostics, they (a) cannot service the client and lose the revenue or (b) have expensive resources dedicated to the tedious trial-and-error process or researching sources on the Internet for hints on fixes. Even then, they are only able to resolve up to 40% of cases.

DeepSpar provides a full 3D Data Recovery solution for medium-to-large data recovery companies who are serious about building or refining their business. It includes PC-3000 Drive Restoration System, the world's only advanced data recovery training program and hardware and software solutions that diagnose and fix the latest HDD problems.

DeepSpar PDR Solution Solution Components
Drive Restoration PC-3000 Drive Restoration System
Disk Imaging DeepSpar Disk Imager
Data Retrieval PC-3000 Data Extractor
Methodology The PDR Workflow™
Training HDD Data Recovery Advanced Class
Online Forum Yes
FTP Server Yes
Technical Support 3 months of free telephone and e-mail support. Optional extended technical support.

Capabilities You Need

  • A methodology that will improve your PDR technicians’ professional ability and ensure they get get maximum data for your customers.
  • Tools that diagnose and fix drive-level firmware issues for almost every drive - bringing professional data recovery to all data recovery shops.
  • Firmware library with updates for the latest hard drives.
  • Inventory of the known problems for the latest hard drives.


  • Most of our customers tell us that they are unable to service up to 40% of cases because of firmware issues. With DeepSpar, they reduce that number to 10% or 20%.
  • Most of our customers pay for their investment in 3 months or with 10 - 15 successful recoveries.

Why DeepSpar?

  • DeepSpar is the only company to provide 3D Data Recovery Systems for professional Data Recovery companies.
  • DeepSpar is the North American reseller of ACE Laboratory products.
  • DeepSpar is the manufacturer and distributor of the only dedicated disk imaging device for the data recovery market.
  • The DeepSpar FTP site provides you with unprecedented access to hard drive firmware, software upgrades, and documentation updates.
  • DeepSpar is at the leading edge of the most up-to-date procedures for data recovery.
  • DeepSpar is the only company to provide deep training for data recovery professionals on advanced topics.
  • DeepSpar 3D Data Recovery techniques and systems are proven in the data recovery field.