For Government Data Recovery

How DeepSpar Gives You More

Most large or security-sensitive government agencies have internal data recovery departments to look after their many data recovery cases because the data needing recovery may simply be too sensitive to trust to an outsourced company even when non-disclosure agreements are used.

Until now, many of these government DR departments, like data recovery companies, did not have the expertise and tools to access data from drives with firmware problems. Their only solution was to outsource to a data recovery corporation with that ability.

DeepSpar provides a full PDR Solution for government data recovery professionals who need to address all data recovery problems - from drive-level issues to data-level issues - in a secure, in-house environment.

3D Data Recovery Process Solution Components
Drive Restoration PC-3000 Drive Restoration System
Disk Imaging DeepSpar Disk Imager
Data Retrieval PC-3000 Data Extractor
Methodology The PDR Workflow™
Training HDD Data Recovery Advanced Class
Online Forum Yes
FTP Server Yes
Technical Support 3 months of free telephone and e-mail support. Optional extended technical support.

Capabilities You Need

  • A methodology that will improve your PDR technicians’ professional ability and ensure they get get maximum data for your customers.
  • Data recovery tools for Phase I and Phase II of the Data Recovery process that will work with their current tools (primarily Phase III tools) to provide government DR departments with a complete in-house 3D Data Recovery service.
  • Specifically, tools that address drive-level firmware and disk-level issues, not just file-level problems.
  • Tools that do not require deep engineering expertise.
  • Onsite training for government DR professionals in advanced DR topics.


  • Before they worked with DeepSpar, most of our government customers are able to service only up to 40% of firmware-related cases in-house. With DeepSpar 3D, they will be able to service up to 80% or 90% of cases in-house.

Why DeepSpar?

  • Customers: U.S. Government, U.S. Army, U.S. Police Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Provincial and Municipal Police Forces, and more.