Deepspar Operations Server™

How it Can Change Your Business Model

Change your business model to get paid for your work, not for data:

Problem: The standard DR process dictates that data is released before the client pays. Fingers crossed, you hope that the client pays the invoice. Realistically, your hands are tied – the client has the data.

Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server allows you to create the most realistic expectation in the industry with the client about the data you feel you can recover. The client agrees to a mutual expectation of what can be recovered and the probability of integrity before data recovery begins. And you get paid for your work.

Set the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry:

Problem: Disappointed customers are a fact in this industry. It takes longer to recover the data, the files they really wanted were unrecoverable or corrupted, or there is a perceived gap between the cost of the DR service and the data that was recovered and received by the client.

Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server removes all of the surprises in the DR company/client communication process. The clients see a list of files, select the files they want, and sign off before data recovery ever begins. There are no surprises in your process, the results meet their expectations, and they are satisfied. A much better situation.

Set the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry:

Problem: When you can’t see the files and types of files, don’t know which files are most important to the customer, or don’t know the probability that you can recover them, quoting is a bit like gambling. You quote too low and lose revenue. You quote too high and lose business.

Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server gives new visibility of files to both you and your clients with an HTTP export. You can accurately quote based on the probability of integrity and the perceived value of the types of files being requested by your clients.

Free up your valuable resources to focus only on difficult data recovery tasks:

Problem: To get the information they need to recover the right data, your team spends a lot of time on the phone or e-mail communicating with the client – confirming files, addresses – and manually copying data.

Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server takes care of collecting the information needed from the client, up front, so there is no need for back-and-forth on standard, required information. More time to focus on critical data recovery tasks. And with features like the ability to automatically copy and spread data over many DVDs or media, there is no need for a technician to spend time browsing, selecting, and copying files.

How else will DeepSpar Operations Server benefit your business?

Maximize Time: Minimize Risk: Improve Results:
  • No more wasted time on tasks that don't generate revenue.
  • No rework or secondary recoveries.
  • Fastest order turnaround in the industry.
  • Full control of operations processes.
  • No mismanaged cases.
  • No human errors.
  • No dissatisfied customers
  • Eliminate customer claims and liability costs.
  • Eliminate miscommunication – internally, or with customers.
  • Simple and professional look from customers’ perspective.
  • Very efficient pricing - no lost orders.
  • The most efficient utilization of internal resources.

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