Deepspar Operations Server™

Capabilities For Start-Ups and Small DR Companies

DeepSpar Operations Server, Technician Edition:

This edition of DeepSpar Operations Server is for start-ups or small data recovery companies that have some business processes in place and want to take advantage of the efficiencies of automating key customer communication tasks.

It includes:

  • Task automation for eight critical communication tasks between the technician and the customer – fill recovery request form, fill inbound shipment form, review files for recovery, revise estimated quote, quote approval, request to ship media back, download files/shipment request, review package
  • No workflow included
  • Does not include automation for other business tasks – such as sales, logistics, and operations
  • License for one user and one concurrent project

Capabilities you need:

Note: Some capabilities are not available in Technician Edition.

Real-time view of status of all jobs. You can log in to the Manager Console and see the status of all the jobs, including the job that was just completed. Your clients can also log in to the system and see the latest updates on the status of their jobs.
Reduction of time wasted on recovery of the wrong files. DeepSpar Operations Server exports your clients' file directories to HTTP right from the image created by DeepSpar Disk Imager and allows your clients to select online exactly which files they want recovered. This 100% clarity between you and your clients means no wasted time on misguided recoveries.
Choose processes, features, and documents you want to use – or simply accept our recommendation for small companies. You now have a professional, branded client management process! Receive your next customer with confidence.
More accurate quoting. Because you know specific files to be recovered and their probability of integrity, you can generate a more accurate quote and win more business.
Integration with DeepSpar Disk Imager. After clients select the files or types of files they want to recover, DeepSpar Disk Imager pulls these selections automatically without the technician getting involved and images only selected data. As soon as the imaging process is completed, the files can be automatically uploaded to DeepSpar Operations Server to be downloaded by the clients over the Internet.
No lost fees because of missing or corrupt data. The way the clients select the files to be recovered and the “probability of integrity” index provided by the system at the time of the quote means that there is no ambiguity between you and your clients. No surprises eliminates “no payment”.
Automation of data transfer to client and media creation. In addition to the fact that your customers can download their recovered files online from a link sent by DeepSpar Operations Server, they can also request a physical copy of their files directly in the system, which will automatically copy recovered data to multiple DVDs or other media.


The DeepSpar pay-as-you-go model dramatically reduces the price of success. The flexible monthly service license is based on the volume of business you have. You pay only for what you use, and as you grow it is easy to subscribe.


  • No more wasted time on tasks that don't generate revenue.
  • Eliminate miscommunication with customers.
  • Eliminate customer claims and liability costs.
  • Fastest order turnaround in the industry.
  • Very efficient pricing – no lost orders.
  • Full control of operations processes.
  • No mismanaged cases.
  • No rework or secondary recoveries.
  • Simple and professional look from customers’ perspective.

Why DeepSpar?

  • DeepSpar is the only company to provide a complete system for companies in the professional data recovery business – from the customer to the data recovery technician to the business manager.
  • DeepSpar has 15 years of experience in the data recovery industry – they have walked much more than a mile in your shoes.
  • DeepSpar discovered the 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues that became a worldwide standard for data recovery knowledge and training.
  • DeepSpar is the North American reseller of ACE Laboratory products.
  • DeepSpar is the only company to provide deep training for data recovery professionals on advanced topics.
  • DeepSpar is the developer of the only PDR disk imaging device that is up to the demands of the market.
  • DeepSpar is at the leading edge of the most up-to-date procedures for data recovery.
  • DeepSpar techniques and systems are widely used and proven, and data recovery experts swear by them.
  • The DeepSpar forum and FTP site provide you with unprecedented access to hard drive firmware, software upgrades, and documentation updates.
  • DeepSpar PDR techniques and systems are proven in the data recovery field worldwide.

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